“Gavin + Stacey” Season 1

Just finished Gavin + Stacey, Season 1 (or series 1 for the UK-types).

Loved it. Great performances by all of the cast and solid writing, stories, dialog, directing.

Mr. Corden of course gets double props for acting + and writing (as does his co-star Ruth Jones) this truly enjoyable piece of television.

I’ll probably re-watch and post thoughts on each episode, but overall this is clearly a show worthy of a second season.


The comedy was spot-on, relying on both the strain of embarrassing situations (think The Office) and solid characters. Perhaps the best example of this is Rob Brydon as “Uncle Bryn,” who cracked me up every time he came on camera.

Not without it’s touching moments (similar to Scrubs in US), which were equally well written and acted. The scene in episode 6 where Stacey and Brin share a note from her decease father was particularly touching, if even a bit expected.


It took a feat of epic proportions (although no animals were harmed) to view the show in the US. Rumor has it that an American-TV version is in the works with NBC (see the career section of the James Corden entry in Wikipedia). C21Media.net reports that BBC Worldwide is shopping the show (among others) to US buyers.


Here are some assorted Gavin + Stacey links for old and new fans alike:

Official Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_&_Stacey

Official BBC3 Hompeage (down for me, but give a whirl):

Unofficial Fan Blog: http://www.gavinandstacey.com

Gavin and Stacey Series 1 of at Amazon.co.uk (Do yourself a favor, and watch the free video on the site. Twice.)

Teaser/Promo clip from BBC3:


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