Live Report from Pilot of “Hey, Hey We’re the Monks”

On Feb 22, Andy Campbell writes in a post, Celebrities You’ve Never Heard Of, on his blog, Blimey, Y’all!, about the taping of Hey, Hey We’re the Monks (see post from yesterday).

Aside from enjoying the show, and James Corden’s performance, Andy happened to sit near to Sheridan Smith and caught sight of the star out supporting her boyfriend, including what Andy describes as “a kiss – which was impressive.”

It should be interesting to see how the duo teams up professionally this Sunday at the Year-on-Year Concert & Awards Show.

James Corden + Sheridan Smith, courtesy Blimey, Y’all Blog

Beyond the romance, we’re glad to hear that Epsiode 1 of this new comedy is “in the can.” Anyone know when the premiere is supposed to air?

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  1. […] Corden did admit he thought Allen “lovely” and she chastised him for distracting her with his “dazzling eyes.” Of course, as far as we know, Corden is still dating actress Sheridan Smith, as revealed in his interview with Jonathan Ross and partially confirmed by blogger Andy Campbell in “Live Report from Pilot of Hey Hey We’re the Monks.” […]

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