“Gavin + Stacey,” Series 1 Awards Round-Up

Still playing catch-up on Gavin + Stacey, Series 1.

I’ve been re-watching, and there’s a definite depth to the writing that
you don’t pick up on until the second or third time through. Reminds me of one of my favorite shows of all time, Arrested Development. You could watch AD 10X and still not pick up on all the details and inside jokes. Not to get too far off topic, but IMDB reports an Arrested Development movie is in the works for 2009 release.

Back to Gavin + Stacey.  Not only has it been a fan-hit, but its collected a fair number of awards.

See the full round-up after the jump.

 * British Comedy Awards: 
[1] Best New Comedy
[2] Best Male Comedy Newcomer (James Corden)
[3] Best Female Comedy Newcomer (Ruth Jones)

Coverage – Guardian.co.uk: “Comic Relief for BBC Executives…”, britishcomedyawards.com: “Winners 2007”, BBC News: “British Comedy Awards: winners’ list”

* Broadcast Awards:
[1] Best Multichannel Programme

Coverage – British Sitcom Guide: “News – Broadcast Award Winners 2008”,
broadcastnow.co.uk: “Broadcast Awards 2008 – Winners”

 * South Bank Show Awards
[1] Best Comedy

Coverage – Guardian.co.uk: “Gavin and Stacey wins comedy prize.”, British Sitcom Guide: “News – South Bank Show rewards Gavin and Stacey” ** includes quotes from writers Corden + Jones as well as Series 2 plot news.

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