James Corden Interview with Radio Times

Again, playing catchup. This interview is dated May 30, 2007.

James talks primarily about Gavin + Stacey in “James Corden Interview”

However, in a related story in Radio Times, you can also read about his
favorite shows in “What James Corden Watches” 

James reveals he’s a fan of American comedians Jerry Seinfeld
(Stand-up, Seinfeld)Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm)
and Garry Shandling (The Larry Sanders Show)

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  1. […] James also reveals that he considers Larry David the funniest man in the world, echoing other reports that he’s a David, Jerry Seinfeld and Garry Shandling fan (see post “James Corden Interview with Radio Times“). […]

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