Big Brother Celebrity Hijack: Day 18

For those who didn’t watch, Big Brother Celebrity Hijack was a new twist on the classic Big Brother house. Broadcast in January 2008, each day a different celebrity “hijacked” the house and provided the housemates with tasks, rules, etc. Most of the celebrities ran their hijacks from “outside” the house, in a control booth. Wikipedia does a decent write-up if you want more information.

On Day 18, James Corden and Mat Horne were the chosen celebrity hijackers. The duo had also served as the hosts of the related program Big Brother’s Big Mouth (essentially a highlight show where James and Mat discuss the household with celebrity guests, the studio audience and viewers at home via phone/email). BBBM was considerably funny and resulted in a plethora of content that I’ll be adding to the site.

Because of their BBBM work, James and Mat had recorded a mean voice over/audio clip about housemate Jade that was played into the house during her eviction. Because of the potential bad blood, James and Mat decided that they would attempt to gain the forgiveness of the housemates during their hijack. In order to facilitate their goal, James and Mat decided to skip the control booth and enter the house.

Summary + Videos after the jump.

James and Mat ran a successful hijack. The day started with the duo preparing breakfast for the still sleeping housemates. After some nosh, they set up a “chill out room” for housemates to relax with the celebs. Some good stuff there:

  • James offered to go shirtless hot-tubbing with fellow stocky houseguest John.
  • James and Mat shadowboxed with Anthony.
  • James and Mat sang the “Thong Song” with Nathan.

After some lunch, the hijackers asked the housemates to join them in the backyard for a group hug. After some reluctance from Amy, they all embraced – and won their challenge.

YouTube of course, has excellent coverage. These clips are courtesy dotcomboy11. You’ll find Mat and James in the house through Part 3.

Day 18, Part 1:


Day 18, Part 2:


Day 18, Part 3:


Day 18, Part 4:


Day 18, Part 5:


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