The Kiss: Comedic Improv or Self-Promotional Genius?

Much has been made of/written/blogged/posted/watched of the James Corden and Daniel Radcliffe kiss at the Theatergoers’ Choice Awards (see post, “James Corden and Daniel Radcliffe Lock Lips“).

Which begs the question – was it an improv comedy moment or self-promotional genius on Mr. Corden’s part?

Clearly the snog has raised Corden’s profile (we’ve seen traffic skyrocket in the past few days – not that we’re complaining). But perhaps more importantly, it’s raising his INTERNATIONAL profile. Corden’s body of work as been principally UK based and swapping spit with the better known Harry Potter has potentially bolstered him (or at least his name and likeness) into the spotlight.

Of course,  when all is said and done, it was a tense-yet-funny moment (Corden excels at that brand of humor) and by the applause heard in the video, well received by the audience.

As a fan, I’m all for anything that helps James Corden become better known.

Your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you – leave us a comment.

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