Big Brother’s Big Mouth – Part 1: Overview


Big Brother’s Big Mouth is the post-broadcast recap show associated with Big Brother in the UK. For the Celebrity Hijack season, comedic-duo James Corden and Mat Horne fronted the program. For 18 days in January 2008, they entertained us with their off-beat brand of humor.

Because BBBM was such a huge source of Corden material, and because we’re looking at it retro-actively, I’ve divided the experience into three posts: 1) this overview, 2) round-up of favorite clips, 3) a James + Mat promotional fight (good stuff). The others will be posted shortly, the overview is after the jump.


A typical show sees our hosts doing a humorous intro, chatting with two celebrity guests, soliciting studio-audience comments and connecting with viewers at home via called-in comments, emails, etc. As masters of ceremonies – coordinating video tape (VT), the studio audience and the celebrity guests – James and Mat clearly have fun on the show and it looks like it would be pretty fun to experience in person.

BBBM also cements the two as approachable, Everymen. Sure they’re both immensely talented comedians and actors, but during BBBM they deliver themselves so genuinely that both seem like the kind of blokes you’d enjoy a pint with.

Certainly there were less-funny shows, but as you’ll see in Part2: Favorite Clip round-up, there was a wealth of quality, funny material. Hopefully the two will be invited (and won’t have conflicts) back to host BBBM for Big Brother (UK) Season 9, this summer.

Sadly, this is the best image I could find of the two presenters on-set.

James Corden + Mat Horne host Big Brother’s Big Mouth, January 2008

I’ve posted this in Part 2, Favorite Clips Round-Up as well, but here’s a 2:40 video of James and Mat’s best bits:


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