Recap from Shockwave NME Awards

The blogosphere has been strangely quiet when it comes to any on-stage antics from hosts James Corden and Mat Horne at this year’s Shockwave NME Awards.

That either means: a) the duo was tame compared to the musical talent or b) the bloggers and journalists in attendance are still hung-over from the after-party. I’ll be sure to update as new news happens.

For now, read about a Kelly Osbourne rant and photos after the jump.

Perhaps one of the biggest stories out so far was James Corden and Kelly Osbourne’s riff. Osborune, slightly intoxicated from all reports, didn’t take too well to Cordon describing her as “queen of hanging out with bands” and shot back for him to “go f*** your mother, Mr. queen of hanging out with bands.”

Aside from the retort needing to be listed in the top 10 lamest comebacks of all time, reports are that the audience was also not impressed (full report in Metro post, “Kelly in f*** your mum rant“). Given that she was drunk (see report from The Daily Mail,”The 3am Girls: …“), I hope James took the insult in stride.

I’ll round out this post with a few photos of the presenting-duo. The first is a promo shot from BBC and the second is of Corden and Horne entertaining the audience on stage (photo courtesy Danny North).

James Corden + Mat Horne at the NME Awards. Photo: BBC

James Corden + Mat Horne performing at NME Awards. Photo: Danny North
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