Big Brother’s Big Mouth – Part 2: Favorite Clip Round-up


Big Brother’s Big Mouth is the post-broadcast recap show associated with Big Brother in the UK. For the Celebrity Hijack season, comedic-duo James Corden and Mat Horne fronted the program. For 18 days in January 2008, they entertained us with their off-beat brand of humor.

Because BBBM was such a huge source of Corden material, and because we’re looking at it retro-actively, I’ve divided the experience into three posts: 1) an overview, 2) this round-up of favorite clips, 3) a James + Mat promotional fight (good stuff).

See our Favorite Clips after the jump.


This is just a sampling of the many, many funny moments BBBM offered us. In addition to these clips, you can generally find entire shows on YouTube. This Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack UK Spin Offs playlist from alucard3050 generally is the best set.

For those who don’t have any time to waste, here’s a BBBM produced, 2 minute, 40 second recap of James and Mat’s best moments (also seen in part 1). Thanks to


For those with more time to kill, on to our clip round-up. Most of the best-bits for us are the “intros” which generally last a minute or so. The YouTube clips themselves are all part 1 of the entire show, so generally last around 10 minutes. We’ll note which clips are worth watching more of. Of course, if you have time, BBBM was all-in-all pretty entertaining.

(1) Promotional BBBM Lap Dance. You just have to love how James and Mat start the intrigue in this clip (also seen in our post, “James Corden Gay Moments Round Up‘):


(2) Thriller Dance. Whether you love or loathe Michael Jackson, the Big Mouth Boys got moves:


(3) Watercolors. Mat looks like he’s a great painter:

(4) Does James have a career as a tv-lawyer?

(5) The boys beat-boxing:

(6) Meerkat Manor. Enough said:

(7) James takes a tumble. He screams out “tequila” because he and Mat handed out shots to the studio audience to kick-off the weekend. I’m not a big fan of the looping in this clip, but it’s the best version available:

(8) Fierce Music Video. This is a classic, and a great way to leave this post:


Special thanks to all the YouTube-ers who take the time to share with everyone. We are in your debt.


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