Big Brother’s Big Mouth – Part 3: James + Mat Faux Fight


Big Brother’s Big Mouth is the post-broadcast recap show associated with Big Brother in the UK. For the Celebrity Hijack season, comedic-duo James Corden and Mat Horne fronted the program. For 18 days in January 2008, they entertained us with their off-beat brand of humor.

Because BBBM was such a huge source of Corden material, and because we’re looking at it retro-actively, I’ve divided the experience into three posts: 1) an overview, 2) round-up of favorite clips, 3) this post about a James + Mat promotional fight (good stuff).

After the jump, of course.


These clips are from the official Big Brother website on Channel 4/E4. In a 5-part series, we see the duo get into a minor skiff and then proceed to make-up. And then some.

Not sure how long these will be “live,” so enjoy while you can. Links take you the website.

Big Mouth Boys – Part 1: James interviews Mat

Big Mouth Boys – Part 2 : Mat interviews James

Big Mouth Boys – Part 3: Trouble in Paradise

Big Mouth Boys – Part 4: Ouch that Hurts

Big Mouth Boys – Part 5: It’s a Beautiful Thing

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