Favorite Moments – “Gavin & Stacey” Series 1, Episodes 3+4

This is our second Favorite Moments post (and our third post for Gavin & Stacey week). Check out our coverage of episodes one and two. Or, read on for three and four.

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Episode 3

Episode 3 was strong and was incredibly humorous and also advanced the story (important when you have a lot of territory to cover in just 6 episodes).

We kick off our favorite moments with Smithy’s one-sided phone call with girlfriend Lucy. Again, the humor is in the dichotomy. By Episode 3, we know Smithy as a lovable but often abrupt guy. His love-talk with Lucy (“my little bella mozzarella”) and his delivery strike comic gold.

Secondly, Episode 3 is when we start another funny thread that carries through the rest of the episodes – Pam’s vegetarianism. The whole idea is sold home when she blurts out to her new in-laws that she’s a vegetarian. What’s more, her family doesn’t seem to stop her, but rather keeps her playing along. Great fodder for future episodes and humorous results in this one.

Lastly, what gathering involving Smithy and Nessa would be complete without mentioning their relationship. It stats with them arguing over a plate (“Take it, No you take it, I thought you liked taking it.”) and then moves on to the climax of Episode 3 – the mud. James Corden’s face when he asks “what?” with a muddy hand (and trousers) is brilliant and leaves us all wanting for more.

Episode 4

While we haven’t had too many verbatim quotes from Episodes 1/2/3, we reverse that trend in Episode 4. But, we’ll kick things off with Smithy’s visit to the Stag Party planner at the Wedding Fair. Good stuff all around, although I wasn’t particularly awed by Matt Lucas‘s character (not that he wasn’t funny, I just expected a bit more from Lucas). Still, that scene is great – especially the PowerPoint of “Prague–Piss Up–Tits.”

Now to the quotes:

  • “We’re going to have to talk and tile.” – Smithy to Gavin after he slept on a job and needs help.
  • Pam: “Mick, do you want your own towel? Or are you happy to share mine?”
    Mick: “I would like me own, yeah. But frankly at this stage I’ll share your underwear if it will get you in the car quicker.” – as the Shipman’s get ready to head to Barry for the wedding fair.
  • “Listen, I lie to your mother on average seven times a day. And they’re not just little white lies either, some are pretty, pretty black.” – Mick to Gavin as they talk about getting the Bentley for the wedding instead of horse and carriage.
  • “Chili con carne in my pocket? Are you insane?” – Mick to Pam after she asks him to sneak her some meat so she can continue her vegetarian farce.

Missing your favorite moments/quotes? TELL US.

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