More “Lily Allen” Coverage

Seems the flirtations between James Corden and Lily Allen continue to be a hot topic on the web.

We reported yesterday about the sexual tension during their interview in “James Corden on Lily Allen and Friends.

A few new posts:

As the author in the last post points out, who doesn’t?

The same author speculates that Corden’s responses of “complicated” and “single” during the interview smack of a break-up with Sheridan Smith. While that’s certainly possible, we’ll speculate the opposite: Corden + Smith co-presented awards just a few weeks ago, and while I do expect he’s a consummate professional, I’d imagine that he would have gracefully bowed out of the gig were he and Smith not getting on.

One wonders if Ruth Jones not showing up for the interview was planned. While we haven’t seen the type of response when Corden and Daniel Radcliffe locked lips, we definitely HAVE seen a spike in traffic and interest.

Was the flirting 100% genuine? Was it part marketing (see, “The Kiss: Comedic Improv or Self-Promotional Genius?“)?

Or is James Corden just that damn good at being funny and keeping us entertained?

YOUR thoughts?

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