“Gavin & Stacey” Series 1 – Unaswered Questions

As our fifth post for Gavin & Stacey week, we thought we’d visit some unanswered questions from series 1. We’re avoiding any speculating here (leaving that for a future post this week) but instead, just throwing the questions out there.

Take a look, after the jump.

  • Are Smithy+ Nessa having a boy or girl?
  • Will Gavin + Stacey live in Essex or Barry after they move out from his parents?
  • Will Mick + Pam’s friends Dawn + Pete stay together? Or get divorced? Are they really in love?
  • Will we see any more of Stacey’s ex-fiances in the upcoming series? Which ones?
  • Will Smithy + Lucy stay together after she finds out about the baby?
  • Will Bryn and Jason make up or make out?

Share your opinions. Or other questions. Hopefully series 2 will bring some closure for us all.

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