New “Gavin & Stacey” Article

As the premiere of Series 2 of Gavin & Stacey approaches, we expected an increase in publicity around the show and it’s co-creators and stars James Corden + Ruth Jones.

True to our prediction, The Times has published a profile piece, “Gavin & Stacey, BBC Three’s surprise hit, back for a new season.

We always find these kinds of articles worth the read, but if you’re the impatient type, here’s a quick summary:

  • Sounds like series 2 will focus on Smithy & Nessa a bit more than series one. Good news for our readers.
  • Both Corden + Jones stress about making sure series 2 lives up to it’s predecessor. From the sound of reviewers who’ve had a sneak peak (“Another Gavin & Stacey First Look“) they’ve done just that.
  • Series 2 is going to have a strong story arc. We’re pleased – we love that in a show.
  • More confirmation that Mat Horne and James Corden are working on a sketch show together. Working title? Corden and Horne Have Come. If it expands on their Big Brother’s Big Mouth work, we can’t wait.
  • Corden’s coping well with success – and sounds like he’s doing his best to remain humble and likable. Heck, we still like him. A lot.
  • Confirmation of a Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special on BBC2. Hints of a series 3, but Corden wisely reveals, “Ruth and I won’t write another series unless we feel we can write a better one. We owe it to ourselves to know when to stop.”

Don’t forget the premiere, Sunday 16 March, 9-10 on BBC3.

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