“Gavin & Stacey” Series 2 Predictions

We want to close out Gavin & Stacey week with just a few, short, just-for-fun predictions about series 2.

Once again, don’t forget to tune-in for the premiere Sunday at 9 on BBC3.

  • Bryn gets elected in the Vale of Glamorgan counncil, but is forced to resign once it’s revealed that his gay-nephew Jason caught him masturbating during a fishing trip.
  • Nessa meets Lucy and the two become lesbian lovers. Smithy lets Mick and Pam raise his gay son (the one Pam always wanted if they’d had another).
  • Gavin decides he can’t handle the weekly drives back and forth between Barry and Essex, so he and Stacey emigrate to Canada where they open up a cafe selling traditional English and Welsh food.
  • Gwen and Pete get together after Dawn runs off with a real American pilot.
  • Jammy and Nutter decided they’ve had enough of the stag-party life and move to Prague permanently.
  • MOST importantly – Series 2 is a rousing success!
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