Ruth + James on “The Culture Show”

Smithy & Nessa (James Corden + Ruth Jones)

We reported last week that Ruth Jones and James Corden were to appear on BBC2’s The Culture Show.

For those that missed it, BBC iPlayer should still be featuring for a few days.

Not in the UK? Not enough time to watch it yourself? Read on for highlights.

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I certainly enjoyed the interview, but it was much less revealing than Corden’s solo performance on Lily Allen and Friends earlier in the week.

That said, the interview did take the same “quiz-like” approach and did some fancy editing with one camera on the interviewee while another camera focused on the subject in the green room.

Aside from the brief insights in to Corden, we also were treated to a few new scenes from Gavin & Stacey series 2 (can’t wait) and once again Corden’s unique footwear made an appearance. We’ve gotten an unusual number of emails requesting the brand, so if anyone out there knows please send us an email and we’ll post for all.

Beyond that, it does appear that James and Ruth are good friends with a bit of a big sister/little brother flavor. Here’s some of the things we learned about Corden:

  • Is a fan of romance and considers When Harry Met Sally one of his favorite films (James + Ruth improved a bit to kick things off).
  • Despite what appears to be everyone’s wishes, the pair confirm there isn’t any latent sexual tension between them. Of course, at the end they play up their “secret” relationship. It was funny to see because at one point it looked like Corden’s acting instincts said “kiss her” but then he just couldn’t seem to and they ended up in a hug.
  • Jones thinks James relishes the celebrity spotlight – putting him “way up there” in terms of enjoying celebrity.
  • She also thinks he’ll be a great father – “once he gets a few things out his system.”
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