CORDEN’t get it up.

Entertainment man-on-the-street Holy Moly (the headline is his) confronted James Corden at Sunday’s BAFTA awards about his alleged intercourse with singer Lily Allen.

Sounds like Corden’s already moved on from Allen and favors a slightly, uh, meatier dish:

We’re also adding this to our list of James Corden Gay Moments.

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  1. […] James Corden, on or off with Lily Allen? Apr.22, 2008 in Video, Celebrity My future husband sure is a sly one! Despite earlier reports, quotes, and quips, Mr. Corden is now playing coy about what he did or didn’t do with Lily Allen. Could he have already moved on, or is this his way of throwing the notorious Brit tabloids a curve-ball? Or, the most likely explanation of all, has he read all of our James Corden coverage and come to his senses, accepting his love of the less-fair sex? Read between the lines, Chubarama devotees. [JamesCordenFansite] […]

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