Corden tries some Chineese in “The F Word”

I finally got a chance to catch up with James Corden in his appearance for the season premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word on Channel 4 (Tuesdays at 9pm).

James had his family with him (appear to be quite lovely) and was tasked with eating a number of Chinese, er, delicacies.

For all four treats Corden had the option of a big, orange bucket to spit out into.

The first three were attempted blindfolded.

First up, poached chicken feet. Verdict? Bucket, after a few chews (and a bit of Ramsay encouraging James to “roll the toes around on your tongue.”)
Next up? Duck’s Tongue. This one didn’t seem to bad. James didn’t go back for seconds, but it didn’t wind up in the bucket either.

Third? Fermented Tofu. Made it to the bucket in about 2 seconds. Appears, from Corden’s expressions and shouting, to be truly horrible stuff.

Lastly, James took of the blindfold and was served the eyeball of a freshly served, whole fish. Which he first had to scoop out of the fish with a spoon. The gelatinous, gooey, eye-ball drippings were enough to turn my stomach, but Corden got it into his mouth for about half a second before depositing into the bucket.

All in all, Corden was a good sport. Worth the watch.

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