Is James Corden the poster boy for “Fat is the new black?”

As his fame heads ever skyward, much ado has been made of James Corden as unlikely sex-symbol. Fueling the fire has been James himself, whose sense of humor took a turn for the unusual with spoofs of classic, muscle-man poses, including the David Beckham Armani ad. Not to mention his full on-mouth kiss of Daniel Radcliffe at last year’s What’s On Stage Awards.

Corden has also maintained that he’s always had “good luck with girls.” Be it now former girlfriend Sheridan Smith or Lily Allen, it seems Corden has no trouble attracting those who mainstream society considers “hot,” despite his more frequent inclusion in the “not” category.

Yet, there is something highly attractive about James Corden. Surely his talent is a draw, but it also seems he draws out the closet chubby-chasers in the culture at large. His allure transcends both nationality and sexuality, with US-based, gay-themed blog clearly demonstrating that appeal.

IC Wales has covered this phenomenon in recent weeks, with this article, “The Joys of Bigger Blokes” and this longer feature “James Corden: Hitting the Big Time.

Could James have the talent, appeal, fame and sexuality to launch a movement that rebels against the cultural norms? We think so. Will it also transcend gender and help larger women achieve greater acceptance? We hope so.

It should, at least, open the door to a broader acceptance of sexy.

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