Corden Apologizes for Knightly Sex Joke

Actress Keira Knightly has reportedly received an apologize from comedian James Corden over a sex joke Corden made during the Empire Awards in March 08 (see video).

Corden says, “Truly, I thought about doing that (the sex joke) 20 seconds before I went up (to present the award). On my life, it just came out. It really was a joke. I would like to know she did know that. I think she’s great.”

We’re not quite sure why Knightley is upset – Corden’s speach was the highlight of the Empire Awards, one of the most entertaining presentations of the night, and lighthearted at worst.

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  1. August 7, 2008 at 11:00 am | Permalink

    Keira should be thanking the good sir Jimmy for his penetrating poppycock, that’s for sure. She could use a little Corden-ing instead of the usual Victorian corn-holin’. Anyway, what I think James was referring to was: the time he somehow got lost in her eyebrows for three days and he felt like a sexual prisoner. I can definitely see where “trapped in her bushiness” could be misconstrued.

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