Corden Guest Captain on “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”

James Corden serves as guest captain on last night’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks, the long-running comedy panel show.

YouTuber turquoiseandtwilight manged to capture + upload the clips. Not sure how long these will be up, but for now check them out (I call out some Corden-specific highlights),

After the jump.

Part 1:

James chats up feminist Germaine Greer at 7:30. The women (and most men) in our audience will probably melt (looks like Germaine almost did). Corden fans will remember the ORIGINAL line was used with Lily Allen (video part 2, 3:10 mark).

Part 2:

James first sings, then busts a move to Timbaland’s The Way I Are at about 3:50.

Part 3:

James gets into a staring contest with a boy band look-alike at about 1:45.

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