Corden, Jones talk Christmas Special, Series 3

Smithy & Nessa (James Corden + Ruth Jones)

James Corden + Ruth Jones, co-creators of Gavin & Stacey were in Cardiff signing copies of their new book yesterday.  Wales Online managed to catch up with the duo for a bit, learning about the upcoming Christmas Special and plans for a third series.

The highlights:

  • “Hundreds of fans” waited for hours to meet the stars. The Cardiff Borders staff called it “one of the most popular book signings they had ever seen.”
  • Corden revealed “A lot of Christmas specials don’t really tend to be about Christmas. For us, Christmas is about family and people coming together – that’s what our show is about.”
  • Jones shared uncertainties about a third series by saying, “We’ve just finished shooting the Christmas special and we’ve got more work to do on it. And there’s the book which goes further into Gavin and Stacey’s world. That’s where all our Gavin and Stacey energies have been going.”

SOURCE: Wales Online (; “Gavin and Stacey stars speak about the show’s Christmas Special”; James, David; 10 Nov 2008.

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