Casting Suggestion – US Smithy

We’ve heard for a few months now that Gavin & Stacey was headed to NBC for a The Office – style remake. James Corden himself has hinted that he thinks Philip Seymour Hoffman would be a good choice to play his character in the American version. While we are also fans of Mr. Hoffman’s work, we’ve stumbled upon another suggestion: Tyler Labine.


Perhaps not as well known as Hoffman, Mr. Labine is busy making a name for himself by starring in The CW show Reaper (which turns out is quite entertaining, if not a bit formulaic; fans of Dead Like Me will feel right at home).

Labine fits the role physically, is roughly the same age as Corden, and his character in Reaper isn’t a far cry from Smithy. In fact you might even be able to exchange the two and only notice the changing accent.

We for one, are the first to cast our vote in a “Draft Tyler” movement to get Labine a part in the US version of a great show.

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  1. David
    December 18, 2008 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    I am an american fan of “Gavidn & Stacey.” I just finished watching series one and two on BBC America. I have only seen a few episodes of “Reaper” and found Mr. Tyler one of the best things about it. He gets my vote for the American Smithy.

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