Ruth Jones + James Corden talk about…US!


We just got word that during their appearance on the Charlotte Church Nutcracking Christmas Special (available to UK residents via Channel 4 on Demand for the next 30 days), James Corden + Ruth Jones mentioned us! (We’d wondered why traffic took a sharp uptick today).

James, Ruth – thanks for your kind words and glad you think the site is “amazing” and “in depth.” (Ruth we love you too!) We do our best. You’re a busy, prolific fellow; sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

Just to clarify: Yes, we try to keep on top of the posts and keep the site updated. Google helps.

Yes, I am a guy. And yes, we’ve got some friends over at (a gay chubby chaser site). Though I’m not quite sure I’d call it a strong link.

We’ll post video, if someone loads to YouTube.  Let us know if you spy some, via email at

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  1. helena
    December 27, 2008 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    hey love the site i only just realised ruths in little britten it nevered clicked befor i love gavin and stacy and every day wen i get up the first thing i say to her is o whats acuring then she replies i wont lie to you but nothing then every time i walk in to the house ill say to my sis alright hanalor and shell say alright helariny and then we do the robot i love u smithy (james ur awsome and fit toooo love u and ruth ur just wonder full i feel a bit dorry for smithy wen daves around i thik u shouldnt marry him its not good u and smithy belong together and also one more thing is ruth and james a couple

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