2009 Set to be “Year of Corden”

Few could argue that 2008 was a banner year for James Corden. And yet 2009 is shaping up to be even bigger.


First, let’s start with Gavin & Stacey, the success of which has catapulted Corden into a household name. The comedy, which he co-stars and co-created with Ruth Jones (Nessa) found initial success for its first two series on BBC3. For last month’s Christmas special, network bosses moved it to the flagship BBC1 and seven million viewers. Corden + Jones have already announced plans to write a third series.

Gavin & Stacey success doesn’t end there as Corden is set to be executive producer of the NBC-developed US-version of the show. We reported earlier in the week that this might be just the beginning of a place in Hollywood for Corden, as director and writer Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is shopping around for a sidekick to Jack Black in a version of Gulliver’s Travels.

Corden has also managed to line up a few new projects with his co-star and friend Mat Horne. First, the two star in the upcoming slasher/comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers. The film, set to release 20 Mar, has already been talked about as a “cult classic.” Next, the duo also have a new sketch comedy show which BBC executives are “mentioning in the same breath as Morecambe and Wise.”

Plus, those infamous photos in HEAT, locking lips with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and his flirtateous affair with Lily Allen.

We made the list two – Ruth and James mentioned us during the Charlotte Church Christmas Special.

Certainly the mainstream media are taking notice. A Corden-primer, “James Corden: Worth his weight in gold to the BBC” was just published by The Telegraph. Aside from predicting that 2009 “will see it [Corden’s career] go stratospheric,” the article also serves as a good summary if you missed the highlights of Corden’s work in 2008.

It also puts another stake in the ground for the James Corden Birthday Mystery – another source pegging the actor as 30, hence born in 1978.

The Sun also took notice, with Gordon Smart claiming 09 will be “the year of James Corden.” 

As always, we’ll be doing our best to keep you informed and updated on all things Corden.

Happy 2009 – Thanks for reading.

SOURCE: telegraph.co.uk; “James Corden: Worth his weight in gold to the BBC;” 4 Jan 2009.

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