Corden’s Absence Ruins Local Chinese?

We’re chalking it up in the “we don’t buy it” department, but The Sun is reporting Corden’s departure from Buckinghamshire may have be putting a Chinese restaurant on the rocks.

Coming so quick on the heels of yesterday’s bankrupt bakery, we’re loath to not believe The Sun this time.¬†

Even the restaurant sign looks pretty photoshopped. And manager “Pui Looi” seems pretty fake too (say it out loud and it rhymes quite nicely).

The Sun, never one to give up a good franchise story when it has one, is calling on other establishments to report losses in the wake of Corden’s success. ¬†They’ve got a telephone #, a email and a text-message inbox.

So, likley much more to come.

SOURCE: The Sun; “Corden Chinese is on the woks;” Smart, Gordon; 24 Jan 2009

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  1. Paul Green
    January 25, 2009 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    Check out the restaurant in Beaconsfield High Street – it’s been there ages – and I personally know Pui – it’s not a made up name!!

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  1. […] This Is Local London has joined the fray of Corden-related, restaurant-closure news, refuting yesterday’s article in The Sun about a Buckinghamshire Chinese preparing to close because of Corden’s move closer to London. […]

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