2009 BRIT Awards – A first look

Undoubtably we’ll be updating on the 2009 BRIT Awards for the next few days, but we’re already starting to get plenty of reports, comments and more about hosts James Corden + Mat Horne’s performance.

Sadly it seems the lads didn’t quite deliver the night they’d hoped, with many reviews mixed on their gig.

Things seemed to start well, with the boys dancing back-up to Kylie Minogue and her hit Can’t Get You Out of My Head [buy MP3 from Amazon.co.uk | buy MP3 from Amazon.com]. The Mirror reports Minogue was “shocked by how good they [Horne and Corden] were at dancing. “

Check out this YouTube version of the intro (while it lasts):

However, Paul Lester from The Guardian was less impressed with the rest of the evening’s jokes, innuendos and humor. His second paragraph seems to sum up his feelings best:

There have been numerous attempts to inject some rock ‘n’ roll “edge”, and invariably the organisers got it wrong. This year was no exception, with Gavin & Stacey stars James Corden and Mathew Horne making excruciating stabs at “humour”, generally at the expense of embarrassed co-presenter Kylie Minogue. Painful memories of 1989’s legendarily amateurish co-hosts Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood came flooding back with every cringeworthy double-entendre.

Interestingly, Horne and Corden had mentioned the  Fox/Fleetwood hosting duties during a lead-up interview to the show, with Corden quipping “the way I see it is Mat’s Mick Fleetwood and I’m Sam Fox – only because I’ve got bigger t**s!.”

More BRITs coverage to come. Meanwhile, you can read a good “as it happened” recount at the Times Online.

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  1. Billie
    February 19, 2009 at 6:24 am | Permalink

    Sadly is was not only John and Mat being utterly cringeworthy. They were led down by their co host who is always hopeless at public speaking. The opening far from funny was an embarrassing ego trip for a very unfunny Kyle though she seems to think she does comedy, she does not. There is an art to presenting and keeping it all flowing and hold the audience to boot. Sadly none of the 3 have rock n roll personality for event such as this .It was all terribly flat and dull, not quite as bad as Sam Fox but getting there . .James..stick to normal job .!! Sorry to be harsh but man.. it was rotten.

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