James Corden Interview with Orange (circa 2006)

This is reaching back into the Internet archives, but we came across this interview the other day and thought it was worth a post.

No dateline, but from the text it sounds like it’s from late 2006, just as The History Boys wrapped and Corden was kicking off Gavin & Stacey.

I think even here you could tell Corden had a big future ahead of him. While the cast was ensemble, Corden’s certainly was one of the smaller parts.  Yet, here he is dominating the interview with Cooper (who had one of the larger parts). For me, Corden not only is a talented actor and comedian (as is Mr. Cooper) but also a talented writer and producer, who clearly learned some of his new craft from the director and writer of The History Boys. For him, it wasn’t just a role/job – it was a springboard for expanding his career.

Check it out –  Film Interview: The History Boys – James Corden and Dominic Cooper

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