Horne and Corden Interview with GQ.com

GQ.com has a new interview with comedic duo James Corden and Mat Horne.

Aside from briefly touching on the lads upcoming and recent work (presenting the BRITs with Kylie Minogue, the new film Lesbian Vampire Killers and the upcoming self-titled sketch comedy Horne and Corden) the interview asks just a few short questions.

Our favorite:

The secret to prime time comedy success? It’s like Coldplay,” says Corden. “Edgy music fans think they’re being a bit mainstream by listening to Coldplay, and mainstream people think they’re being really edgy by listening to Coldplay. That’s why they sell huge arenas.” Horne nods and adds, “That type of revenue would be nice.”

It’s not the first time Corden’s been linked to Coldplay – claiming last summer he was the reason behind the new instrumental version of Yellow.

Purchase Coldplay MP3s now from Amazon:

amazon.co.uk (UK) amazon.com (US)

SOURCE: GQMagazine.co.uk; “Horne & Corden;” Russell, Mark; 25 Feb 2009

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