BBC pulls Horne & Corden gun sketch


In the wake of the tragic shooting at a German school last week, the BBC, Tiger Aspect (the production company behind Horne and Corden) and the performers have agreed to cut the final sketch of the premiere episode.

Originally broadcast, Horne and Corden episode 1 featured “magicians” Johnny and Lee Miller performing an interpretive dance against gun violence. The sketch has Corden and Horne using their fingers as guns and concludes with both performers feigning getting shot. While the segment appears to be filmed “live” before a studio audience, production actually took place last fall in London.

According to the BBC,

Following the tragic events in Winnenden on Wednesday, a decision was taken to remove the final scene of episode one of Horne & Corden for all repeats, including iPlayer.”

The new sketch comedy, much maligned by critics, also saw the largest audience for the premiere of a comedy on BBC3 with just over 800,000 tuning in Tuesday night. The final sketch was widely considered one of the better of the evening – it’s a shame to be lost.

Horne and Corden airs Tuesdays at 10:30 on BBC3.

SOURCE: Broadcast Now; “BBC Pulls Horne & Corden gun sketch;” Parker, Robin; 13 March 2009

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