Horne and Corden worried about over-exposure


James Corden and Mat Horne are worried about over-exposure. The comedy duo has seen a whirl-wind start to 2009, with several major projects reaching the public in a short time.

The lads started the year (or really ended 2008) with the airing of the first Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. The show, which has achieved a cult following during its run on BBC3, was moved to the networks flagship for the Christmas special and received an audience of nearly 7 million (over 3 times the second series average).

2009 continued to roar for Corden, with appearances on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, BBC radio, The Sunday Night Project, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, co-hosting duties for the What’s on Stage Awards and two brushes with the tabloids (Corden blamed for restaurant closings and Corden back with girlfriend Sheridan Smith).

Horne meanwhile starred in Entertaining Mr. Sloan in London. The lads reunited for hosting duties with Kylie Minogue at the BRIT awards. Then came the premiere of their new sketch comedy Horne and Corden, Corden’s participation in Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day and the release of Lesbian Vampire Killers in theaters March 20th. The boys will round out March by performing live at a charity event for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Their ubiquitous year-to-date isn’t lost on either performer:

Corden said that getting on people’s nerves is the last thing that the pair want to do.
James said that the thought of being over-exposed was a “constant worry”. Horne added: “We are very mindful of it yeah, but you have to understand that a lot of that is not to do with us.”

Speaking about his shows and the movie, Mathew said: “Their timings are out of our hands, but we are mindful of it and it is a tricky area and we promise we will disappear for…”
James added: “Promise once this film is out of the way we will really just go away. It’s kind of terrifying, it’s so weird like seeing buses and phone boxes, it’s weird.
“In one sense it’s great that they are both coming out at the same time because it means we just have to do this and then we can go for a bit and hopefully resurface later, hopefully we’re not getting on anyone’s nerves because that is the last thing we want to do really.”

We certainly understand their desire for balance, but hope they wont’ remain out of the spotlight for too long. As far as future projects go, the only thing we’ve heard for sure is that production on Gavin & Stacey series 3 will start this summer.

Meanwhile you can expect to continue to see the pair through the end of the month and on their sketch show, which should finish its first run in April (Horne and Corden airs Tuesdays at 10:30 on BBC3).

SOURCE: UK MSN; “Comedy Pair to ‘vanish” after film;” 14 March 2009.

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  1. Jon
    March 16, 2009 at 10:14 am | Permalink

    Corden and Horne might not be far off in their concerns. The Independent has published a new article describing the pending (or if you believe some accounts, already happening) backlash.

    Aside from some delight at the duo’s expense, writer Andrew Johnson does an excellent job pulling out the performances, appearances and attitudes that are contributing to the problem.

    He also explores the silver-lining of the situation: for all the flack Horne and Corden has received, most reviewers remain positive about Horne and Corden the actors and their long-term careers.

    Despite being the punching-bag dujour among critis and the media, it remains to be seen if Horne and Corden can continue to score popular success. The first episode achieved record viewership for a BBC3 comedy premiere and fan commments have been mixed.

  2. Jon
    March 21, 2009 at 11:27 am | Permalink

    One writer has a different take on Horne & Corden. Not flattering, per se, but certainly not the bruising the boys have taken from other critics.

    Ian Woolley, while not impressed with the show, doesn’t feel it’s place is as maligned when compared with the spate of other disappointing comedy in recent years.

    By eviscerating the entire field of comedy, Woolley argues that Horne & Corden is simply average.

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  1. […] Horne and Corden have promised to “disappear” for awhile and let the public catch their …. Still, we hope they don’t wait too long. If anything, the TCT evening proved that their fans continue to enjoy their work. […]

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