Rotten Tomatoes chats with Horne and Corden about Lesbian Vampire Killers

lvk22-11, an online film review site, has an exclusive with James Corden and Mat Horne from the set of the upcoming Lesbian Vampire Killers.

The on-set visit makes for a great read. RT covers everything from basic plot outline to a glimpse into the lives of the stars. A fewchoice quotes:

There are a few things that you want to do in life. Work with Mathew Horne, kiss Harry Potter, and make films about lesbian vampires.”  James Corden

“Do you like Mike Leigh’s films?” It’s very similar. It’ll definitely be a front-runner come awards season!”  James Corden (with a ‘glint in his eye’)

Of course the film, and the lads, draw comparisson to Shawn of the Dead and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  If well received, Lesbian Vampire Killers has the potential to launch Horne and Corden into wider and international appeal.

RT  also managed to catch a 10-minute preview reel and reports that the released trailers don’t do the film justice. That and audiences in fits of laughter.

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The film hits UK theaters 20 Mar and US and AU release dates have yet to be announced.

SOURCE:; “Exclusive: Lesbian Vampire Killers – RT on set;” Utichi, Joe; 25 Feb 2009

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