James Corden + Sheridan Smith Spotted in London


The Mail Online has a new article today with pictures of James Corden and girlfriend Sheridan Smith spotted in London (pictures).

Corden, who’s had a busy month with the launch of his new sketch comedy, the release of his new film and a performance for Red Nose Day, has also been experiencing a bit of backlash from critics regarding his new projects (although public opinion remains ambiguous at best).

That backlash led the Mail to it’s unfortunate headline – “At least somebody loves him!” While we salute the happiness of the couple (which is clearly visible in the pictures), we also refute that Smith is the only fan left in Corden’s stable. Even if it was simply for witty repartee.

The Mail also reports that Corden seemed upbeat at last night’s premiere of Lesbian Vampire Killers (to which, a lucky JCFS reader won free tickets). The film is set for wide release in the UK on Friday.

During the event, Corden refuted rumors that he and Mat Horne were participating in the Isle of Wight music festival. Horne’s agent in a separate interview also discounted the tabloid story.

If you can’t wait for Friday’s premiere, be sure to check out all of our Lesbian Vampire Killers coverage, including links to previews and behind the scenes clips.

SOURCE: The Mail Online; “At least somebody loves him!;” 18 March 2009

PHOTO: Matrixphotos.com via The Mail Online

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