Lesbian Vampire Killers – In Theaters Tomorrow


The Corden-Horne comedy duo has been graced (or cursed) with the scrutiny of the media this past fortnight. Now, the culmination of the lads recent limelight is releasing in theaters – Lesbian Vampire Killers hits the silver screen tomorrow.

In honor of the premiere we’re posting two new interviews.

In the first, James Corden talks with moviesonline.ca (a Canadian site), “James Corden Interview, Lesbian Vampire Killers.” Some selected excerpts:

Were you approached for this film as a pair?

No not for this. I’d been attached for quite a long time to this film and when you read it, it seems like it was written for us. It really does. If you are looking for two people who, I hope, understand comedy and look like best friends in this age range, probably, we might be the only two. I don’t know. Mat stands on his own as an actor and so do I, but there’s no denying that we work incredibly well together. We just do. It’s great fun. It feels like the right thing for us to do. I don’t think this a partnership that means that we’ll work together for the next 60 years but we might work together for the next six.

What’s your character’s involvement as a Lesbian Vampire Killer?

Me and Mathew [Horne] play two guys who go camping to get away from things that have been happening to them in London and end up, they think, coincidentally, in this town. When they get there, they end up being chased by lesbian vampires and they end up being lesbian vampire killers. Obviously, it’s very much an Academy Award film.

So are these vampires like traditional vampires, barring the fact that they’re lesbians?

I guess their vampire traits are the same, in that they like to suck blood from people and they come out at night, but they are the most vamped up vampires you’ve ever seen! They can be killed in the same way, yes, with silver bullets, holy water, staked through the heart. We’ve got a great scene with holy water coming out from a shower. That’s a favourite.”


Next, The Telegraph does a tour of several vampire films in “Lesbian Vampires will never die.” The  article also includes a video chat with Horne and Corden that gives a possible preview to the film’s sequel.

In case you missed any prior coverage, you can check out everything Lesbian Vampire Killer here at James Corden Fan Site, including:

Enjoy the movie. And send us your thoughts – we’d love to get our readers’ opinions on the new film.

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  1. Jon
    March 19, 2009 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    The Guardian has a new, short review of Lesbian Vampire Killers. Unflattering to the film, yet still a bit flattering to the stars.

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