Corden begins a new diet

The Sun has reported that James Corden is working to drop a few pounds.

The comic, known for his comfort being the “chunky unit,”  has started swapping low-fat vegetarian wraps for pastry.

A worker at the shop said: “We see James in here quite a lot. He always tends to go for the healthy or diet options such as a veggie wrap or tuna sandwich.

“We sell plenty of cakes and other less healthy things but he doesn’t seem interested.”

A few days after the original story, The Sun caught up with Corden himself at the premiere of Lesbian Vampire Killers and confirmed the diet-rumor.

I used to spend quite a lot of time sat in my flat eating Quavers and playing PlayStation but I’m too busy for that now.

“And I’ve discovered sushi, which is a lot better for me than Chinese takeaway.”

But James assured me he’s not going to disappear on us.

He added: “I’m not going to turn into a gym freak. And I’m still carrying quite a bit of timber.”

It’s not the first time The Sun has followed Corden’s eating habits. At the beginning the the year they had speculated if Corden’s move to London had put the hurt on two local eateries in Buckinghamshire.

SOURCE: The Sun; “Gavin it large no more;” Smart, Gordon; 28 March 2009. The Sun; “A Corden bleu diet;” Smart, Gordon; 28 March 2009.

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