Horne & Corden – A Sleeper Hit?

Horne and Corden

Horne and Corden

Horne & Corden, the six-episode, eponymous sketch show from James Corden and Mat Horne has faced it’s share of criticism since launch in early March. Critics in particular have eviscerated the show and its performers. And, despite early ratings success – posting the highest comedy premiere numbers in BBC3 history – viewers of the show fell in subsequent weeks.

Even so, BBC chiefs are looking to sign the show for a second series. And now it seems they have competition – from ITV. It also appears that the show may be catching on with a core demographic, namely university students. While the show’s creators, producers and stars have consistently cried foul of 30-year-old critics and pointed to the 15-25 age group as the true audience, the proof was elusive. But new word is that ratings are on the rise (up 150,000 previous week) and “in the past 48 hours it has acquired 10 new Facebook fansites.”

Horne & Corden has had a rough run so far. While the show premiered high, critical and popular backlash shaved nearly half of the original audience by the third episode. And while expectations were most certainly sky-high for the Gavin & Stacey duo in their first post-Gavin & Stacey show, even some viewers were reacting poorly, “I thought these two were quite talented but they’ve sunk really low.”

Critics too have remained highly critical, even going so far as to hammer the nail in the coffin of the lads’ career based on the performance of the show. Mark Larson, from The Guardian, even went so far as to offer advice and PR tactics to help salvage their livelihood. Yet, even last week the backlash to the backlash had started to grow. Dominic Cavendish, also from The Guardian, has called for the media-world to take a breath and “lay off” the duo.

The network battle over the show should feel particularly vindicating for Corden and Horne, who’ve both reportedly taken the public-beating hard. And while they’ve promised to step out of the limelight for awhile after their show and latest film, Lesbian Vampire Killers, are finished, we hope that this new news means they won’t be absent long.

The final episode of Horne & Corden series 1 airs next Tuesday, 14 April at 10:30 on BBC3.

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  1. Jon
    April 13, 2009 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    Here’s a positive fan review of Horne & Corden from Mark @ Made by Geeks. Totally agree with some of his insights. Especially that the Superman/Spiderman sketch is brilliant.

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