Corden called out for helping make overweight “normal”

A British health expert has called out several overweight celebrities, including James Corden, for helping shift public opinion that obesity is now normal. The expert, a keyhole surgery expert (and perhaps a performer of weight-loss surgeries?) slams Corden and several other well-known personalities for help making obesity more accepted.

Preposterous, we say.

While we fully recognize the dangers of obesity, we also believe in the diversity of humanity. Some folks are bigger. Some are smaller. What matters most is living a healthy lifestyle and for some people that could be just a few sizes bigger than the rest of us.

What’s more, we think Corden is far from the poster child for the “it’s good to be fat” club. While he has certainly helped push for more acceptance (admitting, for example, his weight never got in the way of pulling), he has also been open about his diet and own healthy lifestyle efforts. Not to meniton making this year’s list of “fittest” male celebrities at number 11 in Heat Magazine.

Stay just the way you are James, your fans adore you.

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