James Corden asks for butt double

James Corden on The Sunday Night Project

The Sun is reporting that James Corden caught a case of shyness and asked for a “butt double” during recent filming for the upcoming Gulliver’s Travels.

This surprises us (and likely will disappoint many of our readers who wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of Corden booty). James has never been one to be embarassed with his outside-the-social-norm body image. In fact, he’s celebrated it.

Not only has Corden partially disrobed for Gavin & Stacey and The Sunday Night Project, but he’s also shared his booty on film during sketches for Horne & Corden.

So you can understand our surprise at this latest story. Of course, there is always the chance of a bit of tabloid gossip drummed up to help sell papers. We’ll have to do a side-by-side comparisson of the rear in Gulliver’s Travels and the one from Horne & Corden to find out.

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