Corden rumored to be a boob man

The London Evening Standard is reporting that James Corden is a bit of a boob man when it comes to the ladies.

An excerpt,

James is well known for being a really likeable guy and is generally pretty smooth with the ladies, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Lizzie’s rack.”
However, while any lesser man would cop a slap if not a drink in the face, James managed to joke his way out of trouble.
Our source continued: “Lizzie looked shocked at first, but James shouted, I just can’t stop looking at your breasts’. He then shielded his vision using his arms in an attempt to stop himself gawking.
“He added that she would look if he had his manhood on display, and then pretended he was actually about to do it. Lizzie found the whole thing hilarious.”
James, who recently split up with his long-term girlfriend Sheridan Smith, was on good form all night — flirting with lots of different girls.

Corden also reportedly saw presenter Caroline Flack, previously rumored to be a romantic interest. However The Standard also reported overhearing the comedian state: “It’s really annoying that people keep saying we’re together, we’re just mates.”

Corden’s also not been shy about his own “moobs,” putting them to song on The Sunday Night project last winter.

SOURCE: The London Evening Standard; “Singleton James Corden has an eye for ‘the boys’;” 3 Sept 2009

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