Gavin & Stacey Series 3 – James Corden Interview


Fan site for the hit comedy,, has transcript of an interview with James Corden about the upcoming third and final Gavin & Stacey series (premiere set to air 9pm, 26 Nov on BBC ONE).

A few excerpts:

At the end of the Christmas special we saw Smithy asking Nessa not to marry Dave – what’s occurin’ there then?I think the Christmas special is where we saw Smithy at his most vulnerable, his whole world has changed and he doesn’t quite know which way to go. He’s lost if truth be told.

We think they’re perfect for each other – please tell us Smithy and Nessa live happily ever after?

I can’t possibly even begin to tell you that sort of information.

What is your favourite bit from the new series?

I really love episode six. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It felt like Ruth and I could see this end point for so long, and it really lives up to everything that was in our heads.

Do you and Ruth have any plans to collaborate together on any other projects in the future?I can’t wait to get back in a room with her and start writing our next project. I’m so excited about it.”

Click over to read the full transcript.

We’ve also noted the OFFICIAL BBC site has started to update again as they get ready for the broadcast. Check it out for some videos and other content.

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