Corden makes a splash at hotel pool

The Mirror is reporting that James Corden has made a splash at a London hotel pool. Click through for the full story, or read excerpts below.

According to sources, the comedian

…was given a right dressing down by furious staff after he stripped to his boxers and leapt in the pool.

And after a couple of beers he started trying to goad the other lads there into stripping off and diving in. Despite warnings from the staff not to, James stripped down to his boxers and divebombed into the pool – to the shock of the older guests who were splattered with water.

Seeing James doing a half-naked bellyflop was priceless.”

James was given a “stern” talking to and warned that if there was a repeat performance, he would be thrown out. But he took the reprimand in good grace and apologised for his high-jinks.”

SOURCE: The Mirror; “Cheeky James Corden in trouble after hotel swimming pool japes;” Moodie, Clemmie & Lawler, Danielle; 25 Jan 2010

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