Corden calls sketch show “a mistake”

In a recent interview, James Corden called his failed sketch show with Mat Horne “a mistake.”

The show originally aired early last year on BBC3 and was widely panned by critics, although a small-but-loyal fan base emerged.

Despite conflicting reports from BBC3 (originally calling the show a “smashing success”), series 2 was first rumored to be green-lit and then canceled.

The news prompted a rash of speculation that the Horne & Corden friendship – forged on the set of Gavin & Stacey – had also ended. Says Corden,

Our friendship is great, I love him dearly. I love working with him, and I hope we work together again soon. People just make these things up.”

On the topic of his sketch show, Corden told ShortList Magazine,

The truth is, honestly, I’m not good enough at writing sketches to write a sketch show.
It was a mistake. There’s no point in doing something unless it’s going to be as good as Big Train or The Fast Show. Why bother? And the absolute truth is I wasn’t good enough.”

Although he ruled out future sketch shows, Corden did not fully rule out a future Gavin & Stacey episode. While he and writing partner Ruth Jones have called series 3 the last, they have both reserved the opportunity to write one-off shows in the future.

Lastly, Corden put on a tough skin for the media backlash that surrounded Horne & Corden and the equally panned Lesbian Vampire Killers (also starring Horne),

I got called a fat waste of space a lot in the papers. The material wasn’t strong enough, but the torrent of abuse I got for it from the media was something else.
But you can’t cry about it – my life is a picnic. People have real problems, I’m just called fat and useless in the papers.”

The Daily Mail also has a short video detailing the Corden interview.

SOURCE: BBC News; “James Corden calls BBC Three sketch show a ‘mistake;'” 7 Mar 2010

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