Corden reveals much about Pop

While hosting the Teenage Cancer Trust last month, James Corden shared a tale about his Dad.

According to The Sun, it seems the elder Corden was enjoying Baywatch more than expected:

James said: “I came home from footie training and all the lights were off, which I thought was a bit weird.
We had a frosted door leading into the front room and I could see a figure.
I walked in and there he was on his knees. He screamed, I screamed.
As he was putting it back in his pants all he could say was, ‘your brother called for you’.
The thing is, I haven’t got a brother, I’ve got two sisters!”

Good thing James and his Dad have a good, close relationship today – a story like that likely earned the younger Corden a “clip around the ┬álug.”

SOURCE: The Sun; “Corden is near knuckle;” Smart, Gordon; 18 Apr 2010

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