Corden’s New Ride


The Mail caught James Corden out for a spin in his new Jaguar XKR Convertible last month.

Corden was seen running errands in North-West London’s Primrose Hill, near his home.

James was spotted shopping for a new Porsche just last month, but looks like he decided to go with the jag instead.

Last Febreuary he told the Daily Mail

You can’t be too careful with convertibles, because the t*** factor looms very large. I’ve wanted a convertible for ages but I’ve been wondering, “Am I going to look like a flash berk in one?”

Not at all James, we think you look quite dapper.

SOURCE: Mail Online; “Flash Corden: James shows off his expensive sports car as he runs errands near his London home;” Littlejohn, Georgina; 16 May 2010

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