2011 BRIT Awards Recap

While we’ve not been as post-heavy this BRIT Awards, we didn’t sit on our laurels too much – we’ve got this recap of the James Corden-hosted music awards show.


Even before the show, Corden was putting distance between his vision for the BRITs and the recent Ricky Gervais-style hosting of the US Golden Globes. Said Corden:

I’m not going to go down the Ricky Gervais road because, well, you can’t in that room, anyway – there’s a big difference between the 02 and the dining room in the Beverly Hilton,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Basically, I want to host the Brits with as much warmth and sensitivity as possible. Fewer gags.

Mostly I’ve been following guidance from the producers. They’re encouraging a positive, upbeat, interesting show as opposed to anything particularly risque.” (SOURCE: Press Association; “Corden: I won’t pull a Gervais; 17 Feb 2011)


Rumor was that Corden’s backstage antics included a self-made peephole into the adjoining dressing room for pop-superstar Rihanna. Corden denies the bit – or at least the motivation.


Corden has generously donated his £50k fee for hosting the Brits to Comic Relief (a charity he’s been frequently supportive of in the past). Kudos James. Or, as The Sun puts it: “That’s a really generous gesture and a great one-finger salute to those who have criticised his selection as the master of ceremonies.” (SOURCE: The Sun; Rude Boy Corden; Smart, Gordon; 17 Feb 2011)


Two great interviews with Corden leading up to the show. First up, a piece in The Mirror where James grants insight into his hosting style (see not Gervais above), his nerves – “I’m as nervous as I’ve ever been, in my life, ever” – and his impending fatherhood with fiance Julia Carey. Says Corden:

“I feel the same about fatherhood as I do about the Brits – incredibly excited and terrified at the same time. Whenever I get nervous, though, I think of the amount of people who have told me it’s the best thing in the world. I reckon that that many people can’t be wrong.

“We don’t know whether we’re having a boy or girl. We want it to be a surprise and I’m really not bothered either way. I’d be so happy with a boy or a girl, I really would.”

Talking of Jules, he adds: “The best thing about meeting someone who’s really special is that they don’t try to change you at all. I just feel happier, really – happier than I have done ever.” (SOURCE: The Mirror; “Brits host James Corden’s fear and joy at impending fatherhood; Moodie, Clemmie; 17 Feb 2011)

Next, The Telegraph has a video interview of James pre-show. Click-through and watch.

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